Aerom at Transforming Transportation 2024

March 19, 2024

Aerom at Transforming Transportation 2024

CEO Marcus Coester of Aerom is currently engaged in the Transforming Transportation 2024 conference in Washington, DC, from March 19th to 20th. This event, co-organized by the World Bank and the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities since 2003, stands as the premier global forum dedicated to advancing transportation solutions in developing countries, with a keen eye on climate and development goals.

This year’s central theme revolves around sustainable transportation financing, bringing together global leaders and industry professionals to delve into strategies for mobilizing resources to make transportation more eco-friendly, secure, and resilient, particularly in low and middle-income nations.

Over the course of two days and parallel activities spanning a week, participants will engage in in-depth discussions concerning the urgency of climate financing for transportation, the interplay between investments, economic growth, and climate objectives, as well as the pivotal role of various organizations, ranging from development banks to grassroots groups, in fostering transformative change.

An important parallel event, focusing on ‘Climate Financing for Transportation,’ took place on March 18th, delving into current practices in financing electric mobility and broader changes within transportation systems.

With over 150 speakers and thousands of attendees both in-person and online, this conference aims to catalyze innovation and forge new partnerships. Key topics addressed include public transportation, electric mobility, road safety, access to employment, education, and healthcare. The agenda also encompasses discussions on post-COVID-19 recovery, financing the climate transition, and the emergence of new mobility services.