AEROM Participates in the 2023 Panel – National Infrastructure and Logistics Efficiency Pact

November 17, 2023

AEROM Participates in the 2023 Panel – National Infrastructure and Logistics Efficiency Pact

The seminar will take place in Brasília on November 21 and 22


This seminar offers a platform for sharing technical knowledge and discussing the current state of Brazil’s transportation, logistics, and energy infrastructure. The objective is to influence technologies, initiatives, and public policies related to these sectors.

Aerom will participate in a session addressing Practical and Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Urban Mobility, moderated by Danis Eduardo Andia, the National Secretary of Urban Mobility at the Ministry of Cities.

Organized by the Besc Institute of Humanities and Economics, the event brings together representatives from the private sector, public sector, academics, researchers, and students to discuss relevant economic, social, and cultural issues in Brazil and beyond.

The Besc Institute plays a pivotal role in uniting these stakeholders to discuss solutions and paths to address challenges affecting Brazilian society, particularly within the new perspective of the Federal Government.

Enhancing infrastructure is essential for national integration, reducing social disparities, and utilizing logistics as a tool to achieve these objectives. We believe that improving national logistics can enhance the competitiveness of Brazilian products both domestically and internationally, ensuring greater efficiency and quality.

We hope that this forum actively contributes to planning and executing solutions for the mentioned challenges, particularly with the presence of technically qualified professionals in the new government, promoting effective collaboration and serving the country’s interests.

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