Aeromovel: Sustainable Mobility and Environmental Protection

June 26, 2023

Aeromovel: Sustainable Mobility and Environmental Protection

Urban mobility is one of the major challenges in modern societies, a continuous issue for public administration. In the Month of the Environment, we highlight how Aeromovel technology contributes to the protection and preservation of the environment through a 100% clean energy-driven, automated mode of transportation recognized as one of the most energy-efficient for passengers.


Zero Emissions

Aeromovel operates on pneumatic propulsion, offering remarkable benefits such as low weight, zero emissions, and high energy efficiency. By utilizing air flow to propel the vehicles, this system significantly reduces energy consumption compared to other modes of transportation. This approach not only contributes to the preservation of natural resources but also plays a crucial role in combating climate change.

The advanced technology present in Aeromovel optimizes the use of concrete and steel during the construction phase, resulting in more sustainable buildings with reduced CO2 emissions.


Absence of Tires

Another advantage of Aeromovel technology is the absence of tires, a fundamental component in the majority of current transportation systems. It is well-known that tire degradation has a significant impact on the environment, causing soil pollution and ecosystem contamination.

By eliminating the use of tires and, consequently, the emission of microplastics into the environment, Aeromovel significantly reduces this form of pollution, protecting the environment and people’s health.


Silent Transportation

Another positive aspect of Aeromovel technology is the elimination of annoying noises commonly associated with vehicle engines. Passengers enjoy a smooth and silent journey, providing a pleasant experience distinct from the hustle and bustle caused by urban noise pollution.


Sustainable Technology

Aeromovel aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promote a more sustainable future. By transforming the way cities are traversed, with consideration for urban space, citizens, and the environment, the Aeromovel system exemplifies the use of technology in favor of a more inclusive, intelligent, and sustainable future for cities worldwide.