Aeromovel Trensurb: 10 Years of Innovation in Sustainable Mobility

August 09, 2023

Aeromovel Trensurb: 10 Years of Innovation in Sustainable Mobility

Planned for the 2014 World Cup, the Aeromovel connects the metropolitan train station to Porto Alegre International Airport.


Marking a decade of operation on August 10th, we celebrate the remarkable achievement of the Aeromovel Line—a groundbreaking mobility solution that has brought speed and sustainability to the population, linking the Trensurb (Metropolitan Train) station to Porto Alegre’s International Airport in southern Brazil. A transformative feat in Brazilian transportation, the Aeromovel was originally conceived for the 2014 World Cup and stood as the sole mobility project completed ahead of schedule, owing to its adaptable construction and swift implementation.

Covering a kilometer in under two minutes, the Aeromovel’s journey was previously a time-consuming trek for commuters, either on foot or by bus. Passengers endured delays, uncertainties, discomfort, and often bypassed the metro train due to the lack of direct connectivity. Presently, travelers have a secure and comfortable transport option, available daily during Trensurb’s operational hours.


Trensurb and Aeromovel Partnership

Operated by Trensurb, the Aeromovel System was designed to provide efficient and affordable transportation for metro train users. Delivering a swift and pleasant journey, the Aeromovel creates a unique passenger experience. Additionally, the system’s maintenance is impressively straightforward and cost-effective, enhancing the airport connection’s advantages.

As a mode of public transportation integration, the Aeromovel system boasts considerable benefits, including reduced cost per passenger and easy urban integration. Constantly evolving technology endows the Aeromovel with a competitive edge in passenger transit—a sustainable and adaptable alternative in comparison to equivalent transportation systems.

Since its inauguration, it has transported over 7.4 million passengers in nearly 580,000 trips, with an average of 2,284 boardings per business day.


Cutting-edge Vehicles

Presently, the Aeromovel employs the A100 and A200 vehicles, accommodating 150 and 300 passengers respectively, both managed by Trensurb. In 2022, the A200 model underwent technological upgrades, encompassing enhancements in suspension, propulsion panels, door systems, and brakes, along with an entire body and seating makeover. Windows and floor coverings were replaced to ensure a contemporary and comfortable travel environment. These changes have fortified safety and operational efficiency.

Beyond serving as an airport link, the Aeromovel directly benefits those working in the airport vicinity who use the Trensurb. Local businesses enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the system, streamlining their commuting experience for heightened productivity.

These ten years of operation are an occasion for gratitude and celebration! Our heartfelt thanks go to Trensurb, users, partners, and indispensable contributors who have fueled the growth and triumph of the Aeromovel.


Join us on this journey and experience the excellence of an intelligent, inclusive, and sustainable mode of transport!