Conclusion of the Beam Assembly in the Aeromovel Project – GRU Airport

January 08, 2024

Conclusion of the Beam Assembly in the Aeromovel Project – GRU Airport

We celebrate the completion of the assembly of beams in the Aeromovel project at GRU Airport! In an incredible engineering feat, only 10 months have passed since the installation of the first beam on 17.02.23. The beams average 30 meters and 126 tons each.


These beams are not just structural elements but represent the essence of the System Technology, housing essential accessories and equipment. Manufactured with prestressed concrete and a unique design, they play crucial roles:


  • Support: Efficiently supporting vehicles and equipment.
  • Propulsion: Allowing air pressurization for vehicle movement.
  • Guidance: Rails are mounted on them.
  • Emergency Route: Serving as walkways for passenger rescues.

Our team, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and digital manufacturing concepts, uses BIM methodology for the successful fabrication and assembly of the structures. The seamless integration between design, construction, and quality control is ensured by Autodesk Civil 3D and Trimble Business Center software, guaranteeing precise dimensions and construction tolerances for the efficient operation of the Aeromovel at GRU Airport.


It’s worth mentioning that lifting the beams at Terminal 2 was a unique milestone, carried out above the arrival hall roof without the need to remove the existing structure. Using Brazil’s largest crane (Liebherr), with a capacity of 1000 tons and a 120-meter boom, we positioned the beams with precision, showcasing our expertise in challenging operations.

Now, the elevated track proceeds to the phase of installing guardrails and other equipment along its 2.7 km extension.