Costa Rica begins studies for the implementation of Aeromovel

May 29, 2023

Costa Rica begins studies for the implementation of Aeromovel

In June, a delegation from the country, considered one of the most committed to sustainability in the world, will be received in Porto Alegre, São Leopoldo, and Guarulhos. 

Aerom, the Brazilian company that owns the Aeromovel technology, signed an agreement on Tuesday (23/05) for the licensing and implementation of the system in the metropolitan region of San José, Costa Rica. The document was also signed by Movilisa Holding, a consortium responsible for the Public-Private Partnership (PPP), composed of entrepreneurs from Costa Rica and Panama; by Incofer, the Costa Rican Railway Company and granting authority; and the city of Alajuela, where the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO), the most important airport in the country, is located. 

This stage of technical and economic feasibility studies is one of the mandatory steps of the project, aiming to provide a comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly transportation alternative for both residents and tourists. “For two years, they have been evaluating the application, including the implementation cost. And there is complete alignment with Aeromovel because, with the environment being a state concern in one of the most sustainable nations on the planet, Costa Rica values the proven energy efficiency of Aeromovel, which can be up to 80% more economical than conventional systems like buses,” explains Marcus Coester, CEO of Aerom. In a context where climate change represents a global challenge, Costa Rica reaffirms its commitment to sustainability, adds the executive, recalling that in recognition of these efforts, the country was named “Champion of the Earth” by the United Nations in 2019. 

With approximately six kilometers in length, the Aeromovel will connect the new FECOSA bus terminal, located in the center of the province, with the future terminal situated in INVU Las Cañas and the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO). This is the pilot line of a sustainable mobility strategy for the entire metropolitan region of San Jose. 

Aerom, responsible for the technology, basic engineering, technical support, supervision, and certification in Costa Rica, is establishing an operational hub in Alajuela. This team will work in coordination with the headquarters in São Leopoldo, which already provides similar services for the Aeromovel project at Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) in São Paulo. Marcopolo, Chicago Blower, Pandrol, and Siemens are among the strategic partners in Central America. 

Through the use of lightweight and efficient air-powered vehicles, the system offers a fast, comfortable, noise-free, and emission-free travel experience, contributing to urban mobility and improving the quality of life for citizens. Faced with road congestion and its consequent environmental impact, Humberto Ureña, Director of the Movilisa Holding Consortium, considers Aeromovel an innovative transportation system that combines advanced and sustainable technology with a positive impact on the environment. “It offers the right solution according to the commitment of a green country that constantly seeks to protect nature, being friendly and respectful to its environment. Therefore, our goal is to make a milestone in the history of sustainable transportation in the city of Alajuela by promoting smart urban development,” details Humberto Ureña. 

In early June, a delegation from Costa Rica, led by Mayor Humberto Soto Herrera of Alajuela and composed of political and business leaders, will visit Brazil. The group will visit the company’s facilities in São Leopoldo, the Aeromovel in Porto Alegre, and the ongoing construction project at Guarulhos Airport.