Elevated PPUs: Solution for Flood-Prone Areas

June 03, 2024

Elevated PPUs: Solution for Flood-Prone Areas

In modern urban settings, where infrastructure constantly faces challenges due to adverse weather conditions, flooding poses a significant risk to the continuous and safe operation of public transportation. To mitigate this problem, Aerom introduces a resilient solution: elevated Power Propulsion Units (PPUs).

What are PPUs?

Power Propulsion Units, or PPUs, are the equipment responsible for propelling vehicles in the Aeromovel system. Housed in specific buildings, these units are located in acoustic rooms constructed from masonry or metal structures, using acoustic panels with a minimum thickness of 75 mm. Additionally, these buildings are equipped with central compressed air systems and frequency inverters, ensuring efficient control of the propulsion system. To maintain optimal performance, all PPU rooms have strict climate and humidity control.

Elevated PPUs

PPUs can be installed in elevated technical floors located below the stations, dedicated exclusively to this purpose. This approach preserves all the acoustic and technical characteristics required by the propulsion project, offering a robust solution adapted to flood-prone areas.

Advantages of Elevated PPUs

Flood Protection

Elevating PPUs is an effective preventive measure against flooding. By positioning these essential units on higher levels, we ensure they remain safe and operational regardless of adverse weather conditions.

Operational Continuity

In areas prone to flooding, maintaining uninterrupted public transportation operations is crucial. Elevated PPUs ensure that propulsion systems continue functioning, preventing shutdowns and guaranteeing urban mobility even in emergency situations.

Safety and Durability

Installing PPUs on elevated floors ensures protection against flooding and can serve as an additional barrier against vandalism. The added security and reduced maintenance result in greater durability and asset protection for the enterprise.

Resilience in Public Transportation

Aerom is committed to innovation and sustainability in public transportation. By implementing elevated PPUs, we offer a solution that not only protects against flooding but also promotes a more robust public transportation system, contributing to a resilient and efficient urban infrastructure.


In summary, elevating Power Propulsion Units (PPUs) represents a strategic approach to tackling the challenges posed by flooding in urban areas. Besides ensuring the continuous operation of public transportation during adverse weather conditions, this solution provides enhanced security, greater equipment durability, and asset protection. With this initiative, Aerom reaffirms its commitment to resilience and sustainability in public transportation, helping to develop a stronger and more efficient urban infrastructure.