Ministers Visit Aeromovel Construction Site in Guarulhos

February 05, 2024

Ministers Visit Aeromovel Construction Site in Guarulhos

On Saturday (3), Ministers of Ports and Airports, Silvio Costa Filho, the Chief Minister of the Secretariat of Institutional Relations (SRI), Alexandre Padilha, and the Minister of Transport, Renan Filho, conducted a visit to the construction site of the Aerogru consortium, where the Aeromovel system is being implemented. This system will connect the terminals of Guarulhos International Airport to the railway network of CPTM (Companhia de Trens Metropolitanos).

The eagerly anticipated project in the region promises to bring savings in travel time between the terminals and the metropolitan train in a sustainable and secure manner. “The Aeromovel will be crucial to improving urban mobility in Guarulhos,” emphasized Silvio Costa.

Padilha highlighted that the Aeromovel is a Brazilian solution, just like the industries involved in the infrastructure and equipment, showcasing the country’s ability to find new solutions to old problems, stated the minister.

For Renan Filho, the Aeromovel will contribute to growth beyond Guarulhos Airport. “Agility and comfort for passengers and those working at the airport, fostering growth not only in São Paulo but throughout Brazil,” highlighted the minister.

The Aeromovel will operate on an elevated track with stations at all three airport terminals and alongside CPTM, connecting passengers to the train line 13. Spanning 2,700 meters, it will feature 3 vehicles accommodating 200 users each.

With the capacity to transport 2,000 passengers per hour in each direction, the travel and waiting time is expected to be 6 minutes. The Aeromovel system will bring greater operational efficiency to Gru Airport and enhanced comfort and security for passengers.