Special Assembly of Beams at Guarulhos Airport Terminal 2

December 08, 2023

Special Assembly of Beams at Guarulhos Airport Terminal 2

We are delighted to share the completion of the beam hoisting operation at Terminal 2 of Guarulhos Airport. This assembly phase, proven to be the most complex and challenging, stood out for its uniqueness: the lifting of the beams took place over the arrival hall roof without the need to remove the existing structure. The complexity was heightened by Terminal 2 being the busiest within the airport and will be fully integrated into the Aeromovel passenger station.


Liebherr Cranes

To finalize this phase, we relied on the assistance of Brazil’s largest crane, provided by Liebherr. This impressive crane boasts a 120-meter reach, allowing it to surpass the terminal’s arrival hall roof and precisely position the beams. It’s important to note that operations of this magnitude require the evacuation of an area equivalent to the crane’s reach. Hence, conducting the assembly during the night was essential, ensuring the absence of passenger flow during the operation.


Successful Assembly:

With dedication and expertise, all beams in this section were successfully assembled. The crane, fulfilling its role, is now in the process of demobilization, marking the conclusion of a crucial phase of this impressive project.


The AeroGRU Consortium:

Overseeing this project is the AeroGRU Consortium, led by AEROM and composed of FBS Construtora, HTB Engenharia e Construção, and TS Infraestrutura. The efficient collaboration and combined experience of these companies have been pivotal for the success of this unique operation.

We take pride in reaching yet another significant milestone in the evolution of Guarulhos Airport. This stands as a testament not only to the technical capability involved but also to the exceptional teamwork and collaboration among the crews.