Transportation on Elevated Guideway as Solutions for Urban Mobility

July 05, 2023

Transportation on Elevated Guideway as Solutions for Urban Mobility

We are well aware that urban mobility is a challenge in large cities. Traffic congestion and deteriorated, unsafe roads are difficulties that permeate the daily lives of urban centers. Transportation on elevated guideways is a response to the growing demand for alternatives that genuinely offer an efficient and innovative solution for urban mobility.

Transportation on the “second layer” of cities

The Aeromovel, a transportation system developed by Aerom Sustainable Mobility, provides a range of advantages that go beyond simple transportation. The elevated transportation system travels on the “second layer” of the city, bringing numerous benefits to urban mobility and the sustainable development of cities. From the safety and speed provided by segregated guideways to the enjoyment of the view and the revitalization of urban spaces, this system revolutionizes the way we move, promoting a more sustainable, inclusive, and pleasant environment for all.

Safety and speed

One of the main advantages of transportation on elevated guideways is the provision of an exclusive, fully segregated guideway. This separation prevents accidents and ensures faster travel, guaranteeing greater safety for passengers. By traveling on elevated structures, the Aeromovel avoids traffic conflicts, congestion, and traffic accidents, making the journey smoother and more efficient.

Adaptation to existing urban infrastructure and flexible construction

One of the great advantages of the Aeromovel is its ability to adapt to existing urban infrastructure. With flexible construction, it can be integrated into different areas of the city without the need for expropriations. This flexibility makes the system viable in various contexts, contributing to urban mobility in an agile and sustainable way.

Pedestrian priority and promotion of active mobility

The Aeromovel prioritizes pedestrians, promoting accessibility and integration with other modes of transportation. Furthermore, this system encourages active mobility, such as walking and cycling, through the creation of bike lanes and integration with micromobility systems. This sustainable approach fosters a healthier lifestyle and contributes to a reduction in the use of motorized vehicles.

Urban space revitalization and economic development

By implementing transportation on elevated guideways, urban spaces are revitalized with the creation of green areas and improved public lighting. These transformations bring more vitality to the region, encourage the development of economic activities, and provide a safer and more pleasant environment for residents and visitors.

Enjoyment of the view

One of the unique experiences provided by transportation on elevated structures is the opportunity for passengers to enjoy a journey free from traffic, congestion, and with a more pleasant panoramic view. This connection with the environment allows for a more enjoyable trip.

Optimization of the structure

By utilizing advanced technologies that optimize the use of concrete and steel in its construction process, the Aeromovel goes beyond offering efficient and sustainable transportation. It also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions, reducing the environmental impact not only during its operation but also during its construction process.