New MagLev-Cobra vehicle

Through a contract with COPPE/UFRJ, Aerom has developed a new vehicle for the MagLev-Cobra System.

The vehicle features a visual identity that is consistent with the most efficient and non-polluting transportation modes in the world, as well as modern manufacturing concepts, new configuration possibilities and transport capacity, contributing to the system’s new commercial mission.

MagLev-Cobra technology operates through magnetic levitation and employs superconductors and rare-earth magnet rails. The technology is based on superconductive diamagnetic levitation and is also under development in China and Germany. In other words, Brazil is at the forefront of global technological innovation in this application.

Currently, MagLev operates on a 200-meter-long line, connecting the two Technology Centers of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. The project is coordinated by Dr. Richard Stephan, Full Professor of the Electrical Engineering Department at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and receives financial support from FAPERJ (Carlos Chagas Filho Foundation for Research Support of the State of Rio de Janeiro).

Consistent with the principles of the Aeromovel System, the MagLev-Cobra is powered by electricity, with low noise, reduced energy consumption, and no pollutant emissions

The supply of a new vehicle is a significant evolution for the system, and Aerom is proud to contribute to the evolution of this project through its experience, studies, and applications developed over the years.

Aerom believes that the main global challenges demand new technologies. Designing solutions that contribute to technological development, in the context of the climate emergency, is the way to sustainable solutions for the most urgent challenges.