Steel Wheels of Aeromovel: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability in Passenger Transportation

January 03, 2024

Steel Wheels of Aeromovel: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability in Passenger Transportation

The Aeromovel System is an innovative mode of transportation that stands out for its use of steel wheels. This characteristic brings significant benefits to urban mobility, such as energy efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. Moreover, the steel wheels offer a much longer lifespan, resulting in operational cost savings and contributing to a more sustainable future.


Reduction in Pollutant Emissions

The adoption of steel wheels in the Aeromovel System presents important solutions to challenges faced by the current transportation system. By eliminating rubber tires, two recurring issues are addressed: the constant need for replacement due to wear and tear caused by friction, and the problem of pollution from improper tire disposal, as well as emissions of microplastic particles affecting soil and water. This more sustainable approach contributes to a more efficient and environmentally-friendly urban mobility.


Permanent Elevated Trackways

The steel wheels of the Aeromovel System glide smoothly on steel rails that form the permanent elevated trackways, made of prestressed concrete and steel. These trackways, when properly maintained, have an estimated lifespan of 100 years or more. Additionally, the system offers the significant advantage of avoiding congestions, providing a privileged and unobstructed view of the city.


Aeromovel Propulsion

The propulsion of the Aeromovel System is innovative, based on a pneumatic propulsion system. High-energy efficiency stationary blowers are strategically positioned along the Aeromovel’s guideway. They pressurize the air within the elevated guideway, eliminating the need for wheel traction for effective operation. This system enables the use of steel wheels, while the airflow generated by the blowers gently propels the vehicle, providing the necessary traction for its movement.


The steel wheels in the Aeromovel System represent a significant advantage in the pursuit of a more efficient and sustainable urban mobility. With their extended lifespan and the elimination of rubber tires, they reduce operational costs and contribute to a more sustainable world.