The Aeromovel Civil Construction

May 22, 2023

The Aeromovel Civil Construction

When it comes to the civil construction of Aeromovel, we highlight a sustainable approach that uses precast components, allowing for assembly without the need for expropriation and with minimal interference in the dynamics of the installation site. Its structural function does not affect urban flow, as the construction takes place on the construction site, enabling a cleaner and more efficient process compared to conventional construction methods.

According to Eduardo Chrysostomo, the Operational Director of Coester Group and Civil Engineer at Aeromovel, the Aeromovel system has a slim and lightweight structure. “We can see these characteristics in the Aeromovel system at Salgado Filho Airport in Porto Alegre, where the Aeromovel track is more discreet than the pedestrian walkway itself,” highlights Chrysostomo.

The Aeromovel civil construction presents a distinctive feature by operating on curves with a radius of 30 meters and gradients of up to 10%. This capability is a unique attribute of the technology, emphasizes the director, emphasizing that Aeromovel has a specialized team to carry out such projects and is capable of training third-party teams for execution and maintenance services.

The modular construction of Aeromovel is easily assembled and can even be carried out during nighttime. In addition to the elevated track where the vehicle travels, the system includes other structures such as passenger stations, maintenance center, Motor Propulsion Groups (MPGs), and primary cabins (responsible for the system’s electrification).

According to Chrysostomo, the passenger stations of Aeromovel utilize the elevated track’s own pillars for support. Moreover, the architecture of the stations can vary according to the specific project requirements of each location. The stations are designed to facilitate user access, operate automatically, and meet all safety requirements established by technical standards, including the presence of automatic platform doors.

The infrastructure of Aeromovel is built on-site, while the middle and superstructure are fabricated at the construction site. Due to its modular nature, the assembly time is significantly faster compared to conventional construction methods.