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About Us

Aerom is a rising global leader of sustainable mobility through its Aeromovel technology, creatively designed as a much smarter way to move people in cities. It combines speed, safety, comfort, efficiency, low cost, light weight, and zero emissions.

Aeromovel now emerges as a premier urban transit choice for the 21st century. It also sets a higher standard of excellence by using less land and fewer materials to minimize its infrastructure footprint and environmental impacts.

  • Green Technology

    Aeromovel is highly energy-efficient because of its lighter weight and its use of wind propulsion with zero air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, especially when powered by renewable electricity.

  • Low urban impact

    Aeromovel systems are constructed on-site at lower expense, using less land and fewer materials, reducing the footprint and impacts both of initial development and ongoing operations.

  • Economy

    Aeromovel has much lower construction and operating costs than all other urban mass transit systems.

  • Safety

    Aeromovel is extremely safe, preventing collisions with its automated security features and avoiding accidents due to its dedicated right-of-way.

  • Comfort

    Aeromovel enables its passengers to enjoy a quiet, smooth, pleasant, and rapid trip, without generating any noise or pollution affecting nearby communities.

  • Integration

    Aeromovel systems are easily integrated with other urban transportation modes, ranging from buses and trains to bicycles and scooters.


Aeromovel APM

Aerom offers an Automated People Mover that is a perfect fit for airports, convention centers, theme parks, technology parks, and other relatively short distances, such as the very popular Aeromovel train at Porto Alegre's Salgado Filho International Airport.


Aeromovel ATS

Aerom produces Automated Transit Systems for more extensive urban mass transportation needs, with many qualities including lower costs, higher efficiency, greater safety, and enhanced sustainability, that are superior to light-rail, bus rapid transit, elevated trains, subways, and many other urban transportation systems.


Aeromovel Special Applications

Aerom's Aeromovel technology is highly flexible, and can be utilized for special-use transportation systems ranging from cargo and freight hauling, to funicular transit designed to accommodate steep and hilly terrain.

Innovating mobility through
sustainable technology.

Aeromovel Technology

  • Pneumatic Propulsion

    Aeromovel’s vehicles are propelled forward by air pressure blown through energy-efficient duct fans, with automated controls to maximize safety.

  • Rails

    Aeromovel’s air-propelled steel plates and wheels ensure greater stability, less friction, and longer durability compared to the revolving motion of rubber tires in other Automated People Mover systems.

  • Stationary Blowers

    Aeromovel’s industrial-strength duct blowers, installed at each station, are driven by highly efficient electric motors and carefully controlled by frequency inverters.

  • Performance

    Aeromovel’s vehicles reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour with a maximum capacity of 30,000 passengers per hour in each direction, with existing potential to increase capacity by adding more vehicles.

Global Partners

Aerom partners with major advanced technology firms: Chicago Blower, producer of high-performance industrial quality fans; Marcopolo, builder of Aeromovel's innovative Generation 6 vehicles; Pandrol, provider of state-of-the-art rail fastening systems and supporting infrastructure; and Siemens, an international leader of rail systems integration.

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